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Special Considerations

It is my intention to provide you a safe and nurturing experience during your pregnancy. There are some conditions I need to be aware of in order to modify your treatment in the best interest of you and your baby. If your pregnancy is high risk, or you have experienced complications or contraindicated conditions, it is my policy to work with you only if your maternity healthcare provider gives me clearance to do so and has listed precautions or limitations which they feel to be appropriate. I do this because the more information I have the better your session will be and I want you to relax as deeply as you can during your session. I have a special pregnancy intake sheet and release form which will provide me with the information I need.

The following are additional considerations that will be taken into account during your pregnancy massage session:

Paula with Atticus - one day old.
  • Positioning on the table. After the first trimester, lying face down is usually too uncomfortable, increasing intrauterine pressure, and possibly straining ligaments and stressing the lower back. Also, laying face up is not recommended after the first trimester because that decreases circulation from the weight of the growing uterus on the vena cava.
    Therefore side-lying and semi-reclining positions are preferred during the second and third trimesters. During that time you will lay on state-of-the-art side-lying memory foam cushions for support and to maintain proper posturing. I'll address neck, back and hip issues from this position. My table also hinges to easily put you in the semi-recline position for doing any face-up work safely.

  • Acupressure Points. There is a misconception that massaging the feet and ankles will trigger labor. The truth is there are certain acupressure points in the feet, ankles, lower legs, sacrum, and the shoulders that can stimulate contractions of the uterus, but only if methodically and repeatedly stimulated with pointed pressure. I am aware of those points and either avoid them or use only broad strokes. If you are overdue, I can show you those points and how to stimulate them, and you can have someone work those points at home.

  • Abdominal Massage. Gentle abdominal massage can often sooth nausea and reduce stress through parasympathetic stimulation. There are strict guidelines I follow to ensure the safety of you and the baby.

  • Scents. Often times pregnant women are especially sensitive to particular scents and fragrances. All the products I use are scent free and safe.

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