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Orr Hot Springs - By the Cool Pool

I am happy and proud to be acknowledged as the senior practitioner at Orr Hot Springs.

In June of 1985 I walked through the gates of Orr for my first time. I basically never left. Within three weeks I found myself living in what is now rooms 2 and 3. I hung out my shingle and began my massage practice in the kitchen of my small cabin. Little did I know I would still be working there over 30 years later. Orr and I have been through many changes over the years. Hopefully we are aging together into a quiet grace, a deep beauty and a gentle wisdom. I have been blessed to work for so long in such a sacred natural setting.

As of January 1, 2020, all massage bookings at Orr will be done online, rather than going through Orr at their front desk or on the phone with them, as has been the case. You can do that either through Orr's website under their Massage link or click right here to see my availability/prices/etc and to schedule your massage with me at Orr. FYI, I am only at Orr on the weekends. All my rates and scheduling/cancellation policies at Orr are defined through the link above. My Orr rates and policies are different than my rates and policies in my private practice - 2 distinct entities.

If you want to set up a session in my private practice, that is done by phone, text or email and not through the on-line scheduling system. Click on the appropriate links on the left to get those rates and contact information.

Orr Springs Reservations Required

If you book a massage with me at Orr, you must also book a reservation of some kind at Orr, be it overnight or Day Use, even if you may only be coming for a massage (in which case you might as well book a session in Ukiah with me instead). Reservations are required for everyone visiting the property. The cost for Day Use is $35. You can reach them at 707-462-6277 to make your reservation. If you are coming just for the day, please let them know you have a massage booked with me. They will then reserve Day Use for yourself and a +1 (if you want to bring someone) even if they are full for Day Use otherwise.

Note: If Day Use was already full when you made your reservation initially, they will not be able to keep your reservation if you cancel your massage.

Orr Hot Springs - On the Upper Deck

Orr Springs is located 13 miles west of Ukiah. They have day use and overnight accomodations. The spa facilities include: hot tubs - both private and communal with mineral waters ranging from 98 to 105 degrees, dry sauna, steam room, and a cool mineral water swimming pool.

Over 25 Years

"Enlightenment is not the end of anything. Enlightenment,
being completely awake, is just the beginning of fully entering into we know not what."
~ Pema Chodron