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     Paula at Orr Hot Springs

Orr Hot Springs - By the Cool Pool

Adieu to Orr - July 2021

As we all know, the world has been through unprecedented shifts and twists this last year and a half. Orr Springs, too, has made significant adjustments and alterations throughout the various stages of the pandemic. And I'm going to add one more now, which isn't a big shift by any means for the world or maybe even Orr, but it is for me and perhaps for some of you. I have decided to retire my massage practice at Orr Springs. The time has come for closure. My private practice in Ukiah is thriving and I have realized how incredibly valuable it has been to slow down.

I'm proud to have been acknowledged as the senior practitioner and blessed to have worked for so long in such a sacred natural setting.

Many of you have been devoted clients, some for decades, and I shall miss working/connecting with you at the Springs. I send all of you my love and deep gratitude for witnessing my growth through the years and for trusting me to connect with you on such an intimate level. It has been a marvelous journey. You have taught me much.

All that being said, you are most definitely welcome to contact me for a session at my lovely office in Ukiah. I'm there Tuesdays through Fridays. There is still possibility for us.

Without further ado then, as they say, I bid Orr Springs farewell from the deepest recesses of my being.

Blessings. Paula

Orr Hot Springs - On the Upper Deck

Orr Springs is located 13 miles west of Ukiah. They have day use and overnight accomodations. The spa facilities include: hot tubs - both private and communal with mineral waters ranging from 98 to 105 degrees, dry sauna, steam room, and a cool mineral water swimming pool. The steam room and sauna are currently still not open due to Covid concerns.

"Enlightenment is not the end of anything. Enlightenment,
being completely awake, is just the beginning of fully entering into we know not what."
~ Pema Chodron