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What is Beyond the Bone Bodywork?

Beyond the Bone Bodywork is a unique and intricate weave of Ancient Eastern with Modern Western bodywork and massage disciplines. Excessive stresses, anxiety, injuries, emotional traumas, environmental toxins, improper breathing, habitually imbalanced postures, and so on manifest as energy blockages in our bodies, constricting the free flow of energy, impairing our subtle body rhythms, compromising the health of our organs, our tissues and our bodies' various systems, including our immune systems. Beyond the Bone Bodywork addresses these imbalances of our contemporary lifestyles.
I usually draw from all of the approaches described below including the traditional Swedish-Esalen style in a session. However, you may prefer one modality over others and there are some conditions where a specific modality would better address the issue. Your massage/bodywork session is uniquely tailored and always encourages, supports and enlivens your innate self-healing mechanisms.
  • Fingertips, knuckles, open palms, and elbows are used with pressures ranging from light as a feather to full body weight.
  • You can be fully clothed or whatever you are comfortable with during your massage. You will be draped with a covering at all times.
Chi Nei Tsang, an ancient Taoist massage discipline, enlivens the center of your body, unwinding the tensions and holding patterns rooted in your belly and chest, where, according to Master Mantak Chia, toxins, stresses and unresolved emotions accumulate. This massage approach frees the diaphram and solar plexus for easier breathing, stimulates the para-sympathetic nervous system (the relaxation response in the body), enhances your immune function, and facilitates detoxification, cleansing and toning of your organs, to name but a few of the benefits of this powerful work.

Jin Shin Do Acupressure, a precursor to acupuncture, focuses on freeing and balancing your energy flows by activating the points along your meridian energy channels. Greater vibrancy, integration and spaciousness are manifest.

Dr. Milton Trager's approach is simple yet profound. His is the philosophy of occupying the "nothingness" of who we are, and tapping into that which is effortless through use of gentle movement and following the tissue's response. This approach is great for neck and shoulder work.

CranioSacral Therapy originated with Dr. Andrew Still, the father of Osteopathy. It unwinds the holds in your sacrum and and gently and quietly engages the motion of your cranial bones with the subtle rhythms of your tissue and fluids at the core of your body, unraveling those deeply held patterns of stress.

Janet Adler's Authentic Movement discipline of witnessing more fully our essential authentic selves is not a hands-on discipline. It is about holding the space, being present for and witnessing whatever may arise as we move only where we are authentically drawn to move. It is amazing how much this affects the depth of the work.

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