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The Importance of Support and Relaxation

Learning how to relax and to focus internally are integral parts of childbirth education programs. Relaxation and self-awareness will tend to create increased well-being for both you and your baby and increase your chances for a positive birth experience. In order to increase the 'love' hormone, oxytocin, and the body's natural pain killers, beta -endorphins, and to decrease the stress hormones it is essential to feel confident and have a sense of safety, to have private time and quietness, to be in familiar places with supportive interactions with others and feeling loved (Simkin et al. 2010).

  • When relaxed you have steadier blood pressure, pulse and respiratory rates; your blood flow will be more regular to the uterus, placenta and fetus; you'll have healthier immune system functioning; your emotional states and responses to stressful stimuli will be healthier and your levels of fear and anxiety will be less (Nichols and Humenick 2000).

  • In preparation for labor, perinatal specialists recommend women practice deep sustained levels of relaxation for 45-60 minutes without falling asleep, especially in the last 6-8 weeks of pregnancy (Samuels and Samuels 1996).

  • Individualized hands-on time with a massage practitioner presents an unique and potent experience of support and relaxation. Massage therapy ambience is very conducive to relaxation, providing a quiet, undisturbed place that encourages and sustains a deep, regular rate of breathing.

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