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Confronting Fear
Confronting Fear

As I pondered how to proceed on this page, I realized I did not want to give a prose chronology of what I thought might give you some useful insight into my Self. Instead, I found myself pulling out my poetry and drawings. Two very strong threads emerged. One is Journey . For me life has always been about the journey. And the process. As a child my family was always moving. By the time I was 14 I had packed up all my earthly belongings 10 times already. As an adult, my journeys have been the inward journeys of the heart and soul. The second is Vibrancy. My personal passion is to feel as fully as I can the vibrant energy that is who and what we all are.

All of the drawings here were inspired from my Authentic Movement process. Enjoy.

Last Blue Moon of the Millennium

This vibrant nothingness,
this mellifluous vastness that so satisfies utterly, the soul,
cannot be birthed and made manifest by words.
Words are only a glimmer if even that.
Yet, here I sit with pen to paper.

Thick dark night penetrates the recesses of my lost and forgotten self.
Faith has dropped away.
Only the fervent need of my soul keeps me going.

I lay myself bare, as if in sacrifice,
receiving utterly and completely the unrelenting
deluge of primordial emotion.
Resistance is never more fierce.
Tender mercy never more necessary.

Sojourning through the night,
the void has been pierced and traversed.

I offer less and less resistance.
knocking on the door of my greatest terror.
The time has come to dwell beyond even that.

The wall around my heart,
once cold thick steel, has melted.
Waves of something,
something far greater and richer than even passion
rolls and swells and breaks through this inner vastness.

Oh Glorious Resplendent life.
I cannot contain you within this small frame of my being.
I cry out into the mist, into the heavens, into the wood.
I weep with joy and laugh with tears.
Knowing God.

The true self is illuminated at the edge of dawn.

Self - po...
The journey begins.
I am the priestess
haunting invitations
for the muse.
Wind whispers through
languid pink mist.
The dawn rises, holding
me captivated in its
Alive and Vibrant,
I allow.

May this life's journey be vibrantly rich in the wisdom of crimson inspiring the dew.

Seed of Love
Seed of love
Warrior woman
Warrior Woman

Over 25 Years

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