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I sincerely believe one of the most significant and attainable things we can do right now during this most critical time of our planetary transformation is to be more conscious, integrated, vibrant and spacious beings and to be as wholly available as we can be for the life force resonating through us. This may sound a little too new agey and woo-wooey to some, but think about it.

I'm going to wax political for a moment. We, as nations, focus a lot of disharmonic energy to forcibly occupy others' countries. According to my way of seeing it, what we really need to focus on is occupying more fully our own individual, personal selves, and in a gentle, honoring, and may I even say, a sacred manner. We are these beautiful temples but it's like we're living in and occupying only the hallway. At least that's how it feels to me energetically when I do my massage work with people. I notice the tendency to be closed off, shut down, fragmented. No wonder we often have this sense of not-enough-ness. And how in the world can we expect to unify the world if we can't unify our own fragmented psyches. If we want peace in the world, well, my friends, in my opinion we must truly create that within, individually, all the way down at our cellular and neurological levels.

I have intimately felt, with intent, over 16,000 bodies in my massage practice and I have witnessed so much tension and unrest viscerally in those bodies. I think many of us are pretty unaware of how much "on hold" and distressed we really are. It's kind of like the lobster in the slow boiling pot. Now please put up with one more simile. When a Tibetan bowl is gonged, I hear this brilliant, clear, tonal vibration resonating out into the ethers. However, if the lip of that bowl is held on to or the bowl is filled with something and then gonged, what I hear is a thud. I see our Selves like that bowl. When the grip is released, when we are freed or emptied of whatever it is that binds us energetically, we resonate more brilliantly, clearly, and harmonically with the life force. That, to me, is the place we have to come from to achieve optimal health and healing for ourselves and for our world.

This is the mindset I bring to the massage table.

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Over 25 Years

"Remember, remember, this is now, and now, and now.
Live it, feel it, cling to it.
I want to become acutely aware of all I've taken for granted."
~ Sylvia Plath